Church By Phone

church by phone

church by phone

For those who find it truly impossible to attend the services in person, we invite you to join us via church by phone for both Sunday 11am and Wednesday 6:30pm services. (Eastern Time Zone)

Church-by-Phone is offered as a loving embrace for our members and the community.

This is how you make it work:
About 10 minutes before, or anytime during the service:
1) Dial 641-426-1600
2) When prompted, enter conference ID number 2454218#

You will hear a voice saying this is a conference in such-and-such a mode… That’s it!

On Wednesdays if you wish to actually participate in the testimony portion of the service you can press *6 to speak. When you are finished with your sharing press *6 again. You will still be able to hear but will not inadvertently interrupt the service.

When the service is over, simply hang up.

It is our hope that you will attend in person, but if for any reason you cannot, we gladly offer this church by phone alternative.

Please note this is not a toll-free number and you may or may not incur phone charges depending on where you are calling from and your phone plan.